Monday, October 4, 2010

Jo Xarlen

Ok I have rediscovered my second life name after a process of having to receive an email. I knew I had joined before but couldn't remember my details.
My current problem is firefox says it doesn't have any way to teleport me into the room. I have some more playing around to do to figure this out before the day.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fridays online meeting

it was great to attend a meeting. The facilitators were fantastic and I admire the way they handled to change over from Dimdim to Elluminate.

I finally feel like I may be getting my head around some of the learning but I'm an still scrambling in the dark for the majority of it.

My main problem seems to be to keep up to date and organised with the learning which is unlike me - probably why I find it so frustrating. I can't keep up with the links that I need to get into the meetings and it comes meeting time and Im in a mad rush to try and attend. I'm pleased I had bought my husbands laptop to work with me so I could quickly start that up and skype Sarah (thank you Sarah and Claire for pulling me out of the hole)...

My question? so if I know there is a meeting on and I don't have a link into but but have sign in capabilities how do I sign into the site (dimdim or elluminate) and find the meeting once I'm in there?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm feeling lost which show the importance of attending the scheduled meetings!

Without going on a tangent with excuses I feel lost due to missing meetings... what an adventure today when I was trying to get into the meeting half way through!!! I managed to find last weeks recording. Eventually I found the meeting by going back to Sarah's email or blog (can't remember which one I was stressing majorly by then) and managed to get in and have two conversations going at once (the recording from last week and the current meeting - I'm not sure if that clever or not???

Probably not as my next challenge was to shut last weeks recording down without loosing the current meeting (YAY I WAS SUCCESSFUL WITH NO PROBLEM)!!! Joint half way through I was completely lost....spent my time reading through the previous comments but couldn't pick up the gist of learning! I am looking forward to being able to attend the next meeting as I feel disheartened with my lack of progress....

My gain from today's meeting which I really enjoyed was the discussion about network connections and interacting. Moving together through the overlaps and intersecting. I loved the diagram with the flowers that showed how each portion of the flower makes up the body of it and is crucial to the overall structure and design...

The discussion about diversity and subgroups was good it's interesting to think about being too big and being able to move into subgroups. I think Sarah may have been typing a note to some of us - how did she do this?

Great facilitators today and the timer was a good idea it's all so new and interesting if there was no timer it would be easy to keep going!

Happy progress to you all this week. I am about to go to the June Holley link you put on today and enlighten myself some more.

Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm back

I have been away for a few days working hard. I was in the process of logging into the meeting on Friday and got called away 5 mins before the start of the meeting.
I have just read what happened in the meeting and I missed a lot! I'm hoping to be able to attend some of Saturday's meeting (the beginning) and look forward to it.
I hope everyone is having a good week and look forward to meeting with you on Saturday.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Learning of the week

Well where do I start?

My aim is to feel as calm as the picture portrays:-) I have some ways to go!

I have managed to set up 2 blogs - one on purpose and one by accident - but then decided it wasn't a bad thing to have two so that only my e-learning friends to get see all these blonde moments!

I managed to get my husband following a blog from Sweden this morning. Just by chance he is Swedish and may quite like having a chat with his new followee!

I then managed to connect to the meeting after a panic attack about where I saw how to do it and flustered around for about 5 minutes:-) I even got the microphone up and running with no problems.

After that I managed to add a title to my posts on my blog (thank you Sarah) many little tips along the way a blogger I will be!

And now another proud moment I have just signed up to follow two blogs - well I think its me I signed up and not Mike?????????????? time will tell.

I did notice that I had left a post on a couple of blogs this morning - but because I didn't think to scroll down and put in the secret word they didn't attach themselves! Sigh

And all that is just the tip of the iceberg................. I'm sure I have learnt things unseen such as Patience... with Sarah and my followers at my side I am quite proud of what I have achieved!

Wow here is the title space:-)

That's funny thank you once again Sarah - I didn't even know there was a space for a title! My 10 year old son who is home sick today must think I'm a nut case when I keep laughing out loud when I learn something seemingly simple!
That was a great meeting today. It was funny about the 'can of worms' opened about igoogle. Also I agree and the ying yang. I do need to learn the technology but I am also excited about opening up my world and learning to interact with people all over the world and learning from them. Goodness knows I may have something useful to share one day too!
I have had several attempts and subscribing to other peoples blogs without any success so far. How do I know if I'm following you? Or maybe I am following you but don't know it? I would love to sort this out. can someone help?