Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm back

I have been away for a few days working hard. I was in the process of logging into the meeting on Friday and got called away 5 mins before the start of the meeting.
I have just read what happened in the meeting and I missed a lot! I'm hoping to be able to attend some of Saturday's meeting (the beginning) and look forward to it.
I hope everyone is having a good week and look forward to meeting with you on Saturday.


  1. Hi Jo, great to see you back. You know...what you have described is the reverse of online is easier to attend an online event in some don't have to drag up to Dunedin. But on the other hand, it's easier to be called away ...I've never thought of it quite in those terms...thanks for that :)

  2. Yeah, me too! I have to schedule the online classes into my calendar. ... have coached myself to believe that the time I spend in the classroom, and in interacting with the other students in the course is an investment; that my employer is investing in my professional development to benefit from my new skills later. Huh! (... and it's costing them very very little I might add!)
    So, why do I feel guilty? Why do I feel as if I can't spare the time because I'm at work? How do I protect those small pockets of time needed to attend class? And I wouldn't have any concern if I was heading out the door to a physical class...
    In a way I'm projecting onto some unseen observer the perception that spending time online is unproductive - as if I was facebooking, and that I shouldn't be seen to be doing it.
    Fie! I'll continue to coach myself that this process is a valuable investment - it so is!