Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fridays online meeting

it was great to attend a meeting. The facilitators were fantastic and I admire the way they handled to change over from Dimdim to Elluminate.

I finally feel like I may be getting my head around some of the learning but I'm an still scrambling in the dark for the majority of it.

My main problem seems to be to keep up to date and organised with the learning which is unlike me - probably why I find it so frustrating. I can't keep up with the links that I need to get into the meetings and it comes meeting time and Im in a mad rush to try and attend. I'm pleased I had bought my husbands laptop to work with me so I could quickly start that up and skype Sarah (thank you Sarah and Claire for pulling me out of the hole)...

My question? so if I know there is a meeting on and I don't have a link into but but have sign in capabilities how do I sign into the site (dimdim or elluminate) and find the meeting once I'm in there?


  1. Each of these platforms has an 'address' like a classroom has a number. You have to know the address to be able to get to the meeting. Always check back at the blog or wiki for details of the meetings.

  2. Thanks Sarah I try but can't find it. I have trouble finding what I need when I need it on the computer. I hope to join you at the second life room my name is jo xarlen. Im trying to invite you as a friend now.

  3. firefox doesn't know how to teleport me! And Inviting you as a friend does not appear to be the way to make contact with you.